Our equal parenting bills have been referred to the Calendars Committee. We have 2 days to get these bills out of Calendars in order to get them on the floor for a full House vote.

Please call the following Representatives and only state the following:

My name is FIRST LAST Name and I live in CITY, TX (if you are calling your representative, make sure to mention that you are a constituent). Please vote for HB 2157 and HB 3414 out of Calendars today. Thank you for your time and service.

Rep. Four Price – 512-463-0470

Rep. Joe Moody – 512-463-0728

Rep. Joe Deshotel – 512-463-0662

Rep. John Frullo – 512-463-0676

Rep. Craig Goldman – 512-463-0608

Rep. Oscar Longaria – 512-463-0645

Rep. Will Metcalf – 512-463-0726

Rep. Tom Oliverson – 512-463-0661

Rep. Eddie Rodriguez – 512-463-0674

Rep. Toni Rose – 512-463-0664

Rep. John Wray – 512-463-0516

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